Thursday, 25 August 2016


After yesterday’s great news about John and Rachel. It’s back to normal - with the added advantage of being too hot to work.

Went for a walk earlier - the Hospice charity shop now seems to be staffed by patients, it’s stranger ever time I go in there. A girl came in and asked if ‘June had been in’ - woman replied “yes, she was in earlier asking about birth control”.

The mother of someone close to me died suddenly at the worst possible time - it’s been very upsetting. A long and difficult few weeks. Made worse by the deaths of 5 young men in the sea along from my house.

The French Burkini thing is just absurd, and stupid, and racist. I normally really like the French, but they have to try a lot harder. There may be a lot of reasons why a woman chooses to wear a burkini - frankly - it’s either their choice, and nobody should be able to tell them otherwise, or they feel it’s appropriate or pressurised for one reason - and singling them out for more abuse just makes it even worse. Bloody idiots.

We had a gig at the Printworks on Tuesday night, really busy - very successful evening - I was exhausted by the time I got home. It’s interesting that many young people now pay for their drinks with contactless cards - one drink at a time - without actually connecting with the ‘cash’ side - I bet they have a shock at the end of the month when their bank statement arrives. This is how people get into debt.

One of the bouncers told me that he’s just been on holiday to Spain for a week and spent £2000… on ‘fun’.. He said it was OK because it was only a months salary. He’s 19.

Bumped into an old friend who bought a house here 2 years ago and has just sold it for £90k more than they paid for it. That’s more than my entire mortgage. He’s buying up a business that frankly - is so wrong for him - I was desperate to make my excuses and leave.

Was asked to look at a project with a high profile for a client - did some critical analysis and the responses ‘nah - we just want you to pick a font’ - complete waste of my time. Nobody values actual creative work now.

I’m working at a wedding on Saturday - I think it’s going to be quite posh - I better sort out a clean shirt and remember to iron it this time.

Have a meeting tomorrow with a client at 3pm - I’ll finish work straight afterwards. The extra heat this week really doesn’t suit me. I’m vaguely thinking about cycling to Bexhill now to see the new Peter Blake show at the De La Warr Pavillion. I’ll possibly go home after that. I’ve been at my desk since 7am - I get tetchy in the heat.

Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Quick Update

Not much good is happening in the world - I’ve had some more bad news and everything is generally very difficult. However. I went into town today for a bit of lunch and a plane flew over with one of those message trails - I presumed it was political, lots of people looked up and strained their necks. Later, when I checked - I realised it was a message from my mate John to his girlfriend. She said yes. 

Monday, 22 August 2016


At home today - doing a bit of cleaning - but actually watching ‘Lifeboat’ by Hitchcock - a favourite film. Had a brief conversation about the documentary I am in with the director earlier - apparently I’m ‘the best thing in it, apart from the lawyer” - It’s going to be in the Toronto Film Festival, apparently. Still absurdly excited about having an IMDB listing.
The weather has really turned - some bits of hot sun, but much cooler, overcast and very windy.
My neighbour now has a dog, and after about 6 years has started saying hello to me. 
Yesterday morning - as I took the dogs out I bumped straight into Hughes dad and his brother in law, they had just taken the little girl out for some fresh air - I’d written to them the day before - and the house is full of people at the moment - but hadn’t expected to see them. He’s such a nice bloke he automatically gave me a hug, like it was me that hard lost something - not him. I have to say I just burst into tears. Made the joke that the bump on the head finally made me into a normal person with feelings.
No resurgence of the fly infestation - I still have no idea what that was about but suspect my cousin was right about the type that lay eggs in timber joists.

Last week I went out to buy a sandwich at lunch time, there is a flight of about 12 steps neat the Creative Media Centre in Claremont - a man in his early 30’s wearing a tracksuit came down the steps, looking at his phone. Behind him were two small children and a woman with a baby in a pram hesitated at the top and braced herself for negotiating the pram down the stairs - so I offered to help. She thanked made - and the man who I saw first said ‘ah, cheers mate’ without looking up from his phone. I helped the woman down the stairs ‘it’s so difficult having 3 children’ she apologised - and as they went away the man thanked me again and walked alongside her. Still without looking up from his phone. I could have punched him.
I’ve managed to get through the entire Olympics without watching a single frame.

I have quite a bit of bar and security work lined up starting on Tuesday - having that little bit of cash coming in really takes the edge off things, I don’t have to go to my account for day to day living expenses.

Happy Birthday Karlheinz Stockhausen. I based the graphics for a piece of work I did for a musician on some of his annotations, I was really pleased with it - client had no idea what I was talking about.

Thursday, 18 August 2016

Today has obviously been very difficult and sad. He was quite a remarkable child, and his parents are remarkable people. I first met his mother about 7 years ago, she was one of my students - slightly older than the others having already worked in London, that made her more driven and eager to learn. Her husband is a warm, charismatic and very handsome man who had worked hard to become a successful fitness trainer and healthy living expert. There was some humour in them buying the house directly behind mine a few years ago - our gardens butted up against each other, and last year the moved to the house directly opposite - much bigger and finer with a large garden, a ‘forever’ home. The people who bought their old house are the ones who painted it Parma Violet and have erected a high fence. R&J were, and still are, amazing parents - I was incredibly touched always by the closeness they have with their children (a little girl joined them a few months ago) - the kind of parents mine never were. H had an astigmatism and some neurological issues that everyone was aware of, but was so bright, engaged and alive it was impossible to think of him as anything but perfect. He was born, with about 3 mins warning, on the stairs of their house - no time to call for help - his father brought him into the world and it was just the two of them there when they let him go. I can’t begin to imagine how anyone could bear this, or even start to live again. They have large families and many, many good friends and supporters, and are well known and loved and already smothered with support and care - but it’s not the same. I can’t get the image out of my mind, his dad - a great, tall, strapping bloke of about 6’4” walking slowly up my road with his little boy peddling furiously on his tricycle, his dad letting him win every time.

Thursday August 18th

I'm really sad to say that my friends/neighbours little boy died this morning. He was only 3 years old.